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There are currently 10 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.
Marketable Title
A good title about which there is not fair or reasonable doubt.
Mechanic’s Lien
A lien allowed by statute to contractors, laborers and material suppliers on buildings or other structures upon which work has been performed or materials supplied.
Metes and Bounds
A description of land by courses and distances.
An instrument used to encumber land as security for a debt.
Mortgage Banker
A specialized lending institution that lends money solely with respect to real estate and secures its loans with mortgages on the real estate.
Mortgage Broker
A person or company that buys and sells mortgages for another on commission or who arranges for and negotiates mortgage contracts.
Mortgage Insurance
Insurance protecting against the nonpayment
of, or default on, an individual mortgage or loan involved in a residential mortgage transaction. It protects the mortgage lender against loss incurred by a reason of nonpayment or mortgage default.
The mortgage lender.
Mortgagee’s Policy
See “Lender’s Policy.”
The mortgage borrower.